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Edgewater Products is your team of experts at laminating pressure sensitive adhesives to a variety of materials, including sponge rubber, cork, felt, and solid rubber. Based on your specific application, our engineers will work with you to design an adhesive system that fits your needs. Our experience and skill with combining materials allows us to provide finished parts with improved strength and easier assembly.

Most of our materials and products can be produced with or without a pressure sensitive peel-n-stick adhesive backing. Pressure sensitive adhesive laminated products can then be die cut or kiss cut to provide finished parts for your projects. The team at Edgewater Products has been manufacturing a variety of products for more than 70 years, which means we have the expertise to take your project from design and prototype to production.

Let’s get started — we’re ready to laminate your PSAs on your next sponge, rubber, gasket or shield project!

Edgewater Products Supplies A Variety of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Acrylic and Double Coated Adhesives

Acrylic adhesives tend to have a lower initial tack and harden over time. Acrylics have fewer chemical reactions to base materials and tend to be used outdoors more. They are very versatile and Edgewater Products can convert most of our materials with acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives. We can coat most of our materials with either mylar / tissue carrier adhesives or transfer tape.

Silicone Adhesives

Silicone is a great material, but it is very hard for an adhesive to adhere to. Edgewater Products has developed a silicone based adhesive that adheres to both silicone sponge and solid silicone. If your product or project need a silicone adhesive we are ready for you.

Rubber Adhesives

If your application is indoors, rubber adhesives may be the best solution. They are less costly than acrylics and have a high initial tack. Rubber adhesives have a short cure time and adhere very well to most materials. Ask us if a rubber based pressure sensitive peel-n-stick adhesive is right for you.


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