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Since 1947

Edgewater Products has provided top-quality products and services to industries worldwide since 1947. Quick turn around, high volume capacity, and precision makes Edgewater Products the ideal manufacturer for your custom project.

Our team of designers and engineers provides what you need from start to finish, including material selection, product development support, and prototyping.

For over 70 years we know that by offering the highest quality service and materials at competitive prices we always exceed our customers’ expectations.


Learn more about the numerous services Edgewater Products offers.

Die Cutting

Edgewater Products die cuts in nearly an unlimited variety of non-metallic materials to meet your precise specifications.

Kiss Cutting

Kiss cutting is a die cutting process using adhesive-backed foils or papers. During the kiss cutting process, the papers or foils are cut through but the laminated backing is not

Lathe Cutting

Edgewater Products offers lathe cutting to form various non-metallic materials into precise, desired shapes.


Edgewater Products provides custom fabrication services of molded rubber and plastics for a variety of industries and applications.


Edgewater Products produces extrusions from rubber, plastic and other materials used in a number of industrial and commercial applications.


Edgewater strives to exceed our customers expectations by offering a variety of custom and off the shelf stripping products. 

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Edgewater Products is your team of experts at laminating pressure sensitive adhesives to a variety of materials, including sponge and rubber. Based on your specific application, our engineers will work with you to design a solution using the best materials and processes for your custom project needs.

Water Jet Cutting

Edgewater Products offers water-jet cutting for use fabricating machine parts, helping reduce the cutting temperature. 

Serving Many High-Demand Markets

Our mission is to bring custom part manufacturing back to the USA.

We understand how vital it is to find a manufacturing partner with a collaborative approach, the upmost integrity and consistent quality. For more than 70 years we have been developing lasting relationships with clients. We look forward to building one with you.

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