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Using state-of-the-art equipment, Edgewater Products die cuts nearly an unlimited variety of non-metallic materials to meet your precise specifications. If you’re unsure of your project’s specifications, our knowledgeable team members are here to help you find the best material for your application and budget.

Chicagoland’s Precision Custom Die Cutting

After 70 years of experience with custom non-metallic die cutting services you can trust that Edgewater Products has the knowledge and technology to take your project from start to finish. Top-quality materials and a strong legacy of excellent service guarantees your die cutting needs will be met and exceeded.

steel rule die
steel rule die tool

Full Array of Die Cut Capabilities

We proudly specialize in a range of non-metallic material die cutting, including:

  • Foam die cutting
  • Sponge rubber die cutting
  • Cork die cutting
  • Rotary die cutting, which yields great uniformity and speed (perfect for larger quantities) 
  • Kiss cutting
  • EMF Die cutting 
  • Anti-microbial surfaces die cutting 
  • Large format diecutting

From tiny washers with tight tolerances to large format diecut parts, Edgewater Poroducts has the capabilities and experience supply you with what you expect.

Rubber Die Cut Services

Our wide range of in stock solid rubber elastomers include: Viton, EPDM, Neoprene, SBR, Urethane, Silicone, Gun Rubber, Santoprene and many more make us the ideal company for your rubber die cutting. We can cut virtually any shape. We can coat all our materials with either rubber based peel and stick pressure sensitive adhesive or with acrylic based peel and stick pressure sensitive adhesive

Sponge Rubber Die Cutting

What do you Require?

- Open cell sponge, closed cell sponge or urethane sponge?

- With or without rubber based peel and stick adhesive or acrylic pressure sensitive peel and stick adhesive?

We have it all and usually in stock lowering your lead time.

Our team of experts here at Edgewater Products will collaborate with you and determine the best design and material for your sponge die cutting needs. In addition to fast, custom sponge rubber die cuts, we also evaluate material yield and throughput to find you the most efficient and economical solution for your project.

Our sponge rubber die cutting capabilities include can produce any 2d shape to print including circular, rectangular, square, cylinders, cubes. Whatever your sponge die cutting needs are.

Foam Die Cutting

Foam gaskets, seals, cushions, packaging materials, insulation and impact or sound deadening foam are just some of the foam die cutting applications Edgewater can provide for you. We offer die cut foams of varying thicknesses and appearances to ensure your foam die cutting needs are met. Using only the best polymers and elastomers including polyurethane foam, polyester foam, polyether foam, polystyrene foam, EVA, electro dissipative foam, filter foam, cross link foam and microcellular foams Edgewater Products can manufacture foam gaskets and custom parts with or without rubber based or acrylic pressure sensitive peel and stick adhesive for all of your applications.

Cork Die Cutting

We pride ourselves on being Chicagoland’s premiere source for cork and cork rubber.  Cork bulletin board, cork paper decorative material, cork rubber, construction cork expansion joints and cork underlayment and just a few of the cork products we stock.   In addition to our cork products, we also provide precise custom cork die cutting with with or without rubber based or acrylic pressure sensitive peel and stick adhesive. If you need cork expansion joints or cork for bulletin boards, cork coaster backings, cork coaster, Edgewater Products can provide the these precise die cuts you’re looking for. 

Rotary Die Cutting Services

Bring your high-volume die cut part to us and we will beat the competition’s price with our high speed output rotary die cutting machines. Our rotary die cutting services maintain high production rates and great precision at great prices.

This reduction in cost is due in part to the machine’s ability to perform multiple functions, including printing, perforating and laminating.

Perfect for larger quantity production runs

Rotary dies are used to cut soft to semi-rigid materials from sheets or rolls, including films, rubbers, foams, silicones and more. Our engineers can advise you on your specific applications capability needs, as rotary die cutting would not be recommended for thicker materials or those needed in low volume.

With any of our services, the team at Edgewater Products is here to collaborate with you from ideation through production, including material selection, prototyping, design and more.

No matter your custom die-cutting needs, Edgewater Products can handle the job. Call us for all of your unique die-cutting applications!

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