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Edgewater Products provides many different services. Start your project with Edgewater Products today!

Edgewater Products die cuts nearly an unlimited variety of non-metallic materials to meet your precise specifications. Let’s start a project.

Kiss cutting is a die cutting process using adhesive-backed foils or papers. During the kiss cutting process, the papers or foils are cut through but the laminated backing is not.

Edgewater Products offers lathe cutting to form various non-metallic materials into precise, desired shapes.

Edgewater Products provides custom fabrication services of molded rubber and plastics for a variety of industries and applications.

Edgewater Products produces extrusions from rubber, plastic and other materials used in a number of industrial and commercial applications.

Edgewater Products is your team of experts at laminating pressure sensitive adhesives to a variety of materials, including sponge and rubber. Based on your specific application, our engineers will work with you to design a solution using the best materials and processes for your custom project needs.

Edgewater strives to exceed our customers expectations by offering a variety of custom and off the shelf stripping products.

Edgewater Products offers water-jet cutting for use fabricating machine parts, helping reduce the cutting temperature. 

Our team knows materials. With our guidance and sampling and your testing, we can help you choose the correct material quickly. Let’s start a project.

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